For professional use only.


Cute new pot, cute new price!



DO NOT leave the lid off under desk lamps can sometimes cure product!

This product is perfect for metallic foil detail work such as borders, abstract work & french - not suitable for full coverage (please see air dry foil adhesive OR quick stick it)


Profiles Backstage STICK IT! The ORIGINAL Stick It in a pot! (0.35oz/10g by volume pot) This product has not been tested on animals.

Stick It! Clear Foil Gel in a pot

    • Apply thinly with a clean gel brush - let the product self level for a few seconds before curing - best for handpainting with
    • CURING TIMES ~ Important! Please play around with the timing to achieve max stickiness. This will be dependent on your lamp and output strength. Try 30-60 secs first, then maybe 10 or 120 secs? You will need to find your happy medium.
    • Metallic type foils - for the random look, simply press and pull, press and pull. Remember to rotate the foil to new pieces to ensure dulling of the nail does not occur.
    • Apply 2 x topcoats for longevity

    If you miss bits, do not fear! The gel stays super sticky, so just go in and touch up where needed!