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Profiles Backstage QUICK STICK IT!(0.5oz bottle with brush)

This product has a new formula and is stickier than ever!

Can be applied over a cured gel polish layer, prepared hard gel or acrylic. Cure for 60 -120 secs in your led lamp (I’ve found after lots of playing 120 secs is better) and apply foil when it is still warm. Suitable for 99% of foils - take your time and use a silicone tool to smooth out if needed.



This product has not been tested on animals.

Quick Stick It! Clear Foil Gel ~ NEW FORMULA!

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  • **Best suited to thinner, metallic style foils**

    • Apply thinly with the bottle brush - let the product self level for a few seconds before curing ~ if you apply this product too thick, it could have a spongy, rubbery feel to the nail and could possibly peel.
    • This product has a LOW VISCOSITY so it is recommended to do one nail at a time to prevent running into the sidewalls
    • CURING TIMES ~ Important! Please play around with the timing to achieve max stickiness. This will be dependent on your lamp and output strength. Try 30-60 secs first, then maybe 10 or 120 secs? You will need to find your happy medium.
    • Metallic type foils - for the random look, simply press and pull, press and pull. Remember to rotate the foil to new pieces to ensure dulling of the nail does not occur.
    • DO NOT use a pad as you would with regular foil adhesive and rub and rub!! Stick It doesn’t like this 😂
    • Apply 2 x topcoats for longevity

    If you miss bits, do not fear! The gel stays super sticky, so just go in and touch up where needed!