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Mirror Mirror  - Mirror Effect chrome

Mirror Mirror


Chrome pigment powder


For best colour results chrome over a good no wipe top coat (I like to use Akzentz Shine On or Glossify Glossy Top)


Can also be used as a pigment and dabbed into the tacky layer of gel or with a tack free gel paint and rubbed in. After chroming, remove excess particles gently with a soft brush or lint free wipe. For longevity gently file free edge then apply a clear BIAB or ultrabase, then seal well with topcoat using a floating motion.


Weight: 1g of pigment


Size : 10-45µm


Cruelty Free & Vegan supplied in a sealed pot


**As with any nail glitter, flake, chrome or pigment please take care and do not inhale - advisable to wear a mask**

Mirror Mirror - Mirror Effect chrome

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