Ice Cream Pastel Pigment Stacker Beautiful, silky pastel pigments.


You will receive a stacker containing:

Pastel Orange

Pastel Yellow

Pastel Green

Pastel Blue

Pastel Purple

Pastel Pink


These are best applied over a white gel polish base with a good sticky/tacky layer. Intensity of the colour will depend on how your tacky layer 'grabs' the pigment. Remove all excess pigment with a fluffy brush and seal well with topcoat. Or you can apply a matte top over a pink nude base, cure for 30 secs and blend in the pigments for an ombre look.


If you wanted a matte look, please seal with shiny top coat FIRST as the solvents within matte top coats can sometimes smear/drag pigments from the nail.


Cruelty Free, cosmetic grade pigments.

Ice Cream Pastel Pigment Stacker