1 x air dry foil adhesive (please see how to section on application tips)

10 x 99p foils of your choice - please enter the names in the notes at checkout.


Water based adhesive made in the USA -  please use gloves when applying, avoid contact with skin & eyes and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Foil Starter Kit

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    • Apply thinly with the bottle brush staying clear of the free edge - the product has a blue, opalescent sheen.
    • Allow to air dry for anywhere from around 2-10 minutes UNTIL COMPLETELY CLEAR
    • Apply chosen foil either in a dab & pull motion for the random foil look, or for full coverage smooth out initially with your finger down the middle - rub with a pad or cotton bud if you need extra help getting into the corners
    • Gently file the free edge with a 240 grit file/buffer to create a rough edge - this will allow a gel topcoat to adhere and encase the foil
    • Apply 2 x topcoats for longevity
    • OPTIONAL - apply a thicker layer of gel before topcoat such as clear BIAB or Rubber Top.