Dixie Diamond Duo Stamper, aka the triple D.


This stamper includes 2 heads of different styles.


This stamper is NOT recommended for beginners.

It is more suitable for intermediate to advanced stampers.


A long handled stamper with two clear stamper heads. The bottom of the stamper is filled with "Diamonds" to give that extra sparkle while you stamp.

Stamper measures 6.3cm with lid on

Stamper measures 5cm with lid off, ready to stamp with larger stamper head

You can take the bottom crystal end off and this becomes a short stamper

Stamper heads can be used in either long holder or short holder


The holder is totally clear, so it's great for precision stamping

Simply roll lightly over the image. Light pressure is needed only.

Dixie Diamond Duo Stamper

  • Cleaning Your Stamper

    Clean with a lint roller or sticky tape, and be gentle.

    DO NOT clean your stamper head with acetone.

    If you damage your stamper, we are not liable.

    Priming/Prepping Stamper

    Your stamper should not need any priming or prepping at all.

    If for some reason your stamper does not pick up, you can try running a lint roller over the head, washing the stamper head in warm soapy water and letting it air dry, or giving the head a very quick wipe over with acetone (as a last resort).